Is a musical based on the life of Joy Mangano Broadway-bound?

Joy Mangano

Broadway producer Ken Davenport has announced he has successfully aquired the rights to develop a stage musical based on the life of celebrated entrepreneur, inventor and TV icon Joy Mangano. The QVC & HSN (Home Shopping Network) legend has already been the subject of the CBS digital series "Inventing Joy" and the 2015 Hollywood movie "Joy" which earned Jennifer Lawrence a Golden Globe and an Academy Award nomination. Is the Great White Way next?

Ms. Mangano commented: “My life has taken me to many unexpected places - from the back of the auto-body shop where I worked on my first invention, my successes on QVC and HSN and to Hollywood when the film Joy was produced. Being the subject of a Broadway musical is more than a dream come true for me. I’m a local Long Island girl; I just used to dream of coming into town to see a Broadway musical – much less to be the subject of one!”