Is a musical adaptation of 90s cult film Empire Records heading to Broadway?

Empire Records

A musical adaptation of 1995's much loved, cult-hit movie "Empire Records" is eyeing a Broadway bow for 2020 in celebration of the film's 25th anniversary. Producer Bill Weiner has acquired the stage rights and has enlisted original screenplay writer Carol Heikkinen to adapt her script into a book for a musical, with Zoe Sarnak providing music and lyrics.

The film, which boasts a cast that inlcudes Liv Tyler and Renée Zellweger, centers on Empire Records, last of the independent small-town record stores, which employs a tight-knit group of music-savvy youths. Hearing that the shop may be sold to a big chain, slacker employee Lucas places a big bet with a chunk of the store’s money, hoping to get a big return and save the store. When the plan fails, Empire Records falls into serious trouble, and the teens must find a way to fend off the encroaching Music Town overlords.