'Sleep No More' sets final New York performance

The immersive, noir-inspired adaptation of Macbeth has been at the McKittrick Hotel for 13 years and will have played 5,000 performances at closing.

Gillian Russo
Gillian Russo

UPDATE: Sleep No More has extended and will now run through February 25, 2024.

Sleep No More will be no more. The long-running Off-Broadway production will play its 5,000th and final performance on January 28, 2024.

Created by the British theatre company Punchdrunk and produced by the company Emursive, Sleep No More is an immersive adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth, performed at the bespoke McKittrick Hotel in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood.

Audiences wear masks and interact with the characters while exploring the venue's five floors' worth of rooms, where actors perform, mostly through movement, scenes from Macbeth and other original stories. The aesthetic and performance style is also inspired by Alfred Hitchcock and noir films.

Sleep No More has run at the McKittrick since March 2011 and is one of New York's best-known immersive productions, pioneering the popularity of immersive shows in the city.

"We are incredibly proud of the artistic community Sleep No More has nurtured and the many distinct audiences it has loved in New York," said Punchdrunk directors Felix Barrett and Maxine Doyle in a statement. "Thirteen years ago, we could never have imagined the astonishing journey this show has been on. It’s had an incalculable impact on us all and will live on in our hearts, seep through our skin, and sleep in the deepest parts of our imaginations."

The McKittrick Hotel is also home to multiple other dining and entertainment venues, including the Manderley Bar, Club Car theatre, Gallow Green restaurant, and Winter Lodge. These venues will remain open, and the McKittrick will continue to host other seasonal events.

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Photo credit: Sleep No More. (Photo courtesy of production)

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