5 reasons you need to see 'Come From Away' on Broadway

The Tony-winning musical has warmed the hearts of global audiences.

Suzy Evans
Suzy Evans

Although it takes place more than a decade ago, Come From Away could not be more relevant to the struggles and stories circulating in our world today. The musical captured the zeitgeist in New York, when it premiered on Broadway in 2017, and its story about love, acceptance, and accommodating outsiders could not be more needed today.

With a score and book by David Hein and Irene Sankoff, the story follows what happened in Gander, Newfoundland on September 11, 2001, when 38 planes were rerouted to the small Canadian town when the American airspace closed. Here are the reasons this heartwarming show is a must-see.

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It's a total ensemble piece. 

All of the actors in the show play multiple roles and pass the baton from location to location as Kelly Devine's expert choreography and Christopher Ashley's meticulous staging makes this a beautiful movement piece. You'll be amazed at how the cast weaves throughout the stage, and their impressive teamwork and performances.

Christopher Ashley won the Tony Award for Best Director.

Speaking of amazing staging, Ashley won the 2017 Tony Award for Best Director of a Musical for his work on Come From Away. The stunning stage pictures, from passengers on a plane to an air traffic control center, will make you appreciate Ashley's fine-tuned art. He's also signed on to direct the big screen adaptation of the show.

It's going to the big screen.

Original writers Hein and Sankoff are adapting the script, and Ashley is at the helm of the forthcoming film adaptation of the show. The Mark Gordon Company is producing, and no release or film date has been announced yet, so you better see the show on stage first!

Beverley Bass is a feminist hero.

One of the major characters — and real-life badass — Beverley Bass is the first female captain for American Airlines, and she was also flying one of the planes that landed in Gander. Jenn Colella earned a Tony Award nomination for her performance on Broadway, and Bass herself has seen the show almost 100 times. The 11 o'clock number "Me and the Sky" is worth the price of admission.

The international message of acceptance is universal and important.

We could all use a little more love in our hearts these days, and Come From Away exudes just that. When the citizens of Gander accept thousands of global strangers into their homes from several days, you're reminded that there is good and beauty in the world. You might just feel a little closer to your neighbor at the end.

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