What has three acts and opens at The Metropolitan Opera this October? Giacomo Puccini's esteemed opera Turandot, spending another season on the New York stage. His tale about a prince's determination to win over a hard-hearted princess is a staple of The Met's repertory. Stay tuned for information about Turandot tickets in New York, available on New York Theatre Guide soon.

Turandot is an opera set in legendary China, centered around the beautiful title princess. Suitors from all over clamor for her hand in marriage; however, she will only marry the one who can answer three riddles correctly. Any man who fails — and many do — is promptly executed. When Prince Calaf of Tartary comes along and succeeds at her game, however, she remains reluctant to give her heart away and accepts a challenge of the Prince's own in a final attempt to maintain her freedom. Will love win out in the end?

Puccini died before he could finish the opera, and it was completed by Franco Alfano ahead of its world premiere at La Scala in Milan, Italy, in April 1926. The Metropolitan Opera first performed Turandot shortly afterward, in November 1926. The Turandot opera has since become part of the standard repertoire at opera companies worldwide.

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Running time: 
3 hours 15 minutes
Turandot Performance Dates & Times
Opening date: 
October 12, 2021
May 14, 2022
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