The Vagrant Trilogy

The Vagrant Trilogy

The Vagrant Trilogy will make its New York City premiere off-Broadway at The Public Theater. The Vagrant Trilogy tickets are available on New York Theatre Guide now. Get The Vagrant Trilogy Off-Broadway tickets.

Described as a single epic story told in three parts, The Vagrant Trilogy play follows Adham, a Palestinian scholar, who discovers that while he and his wife, Abir, are away in London for a lecture, war has broken out in their home country. Quickly, they are led to make a difficult decision.

Following their arrival at this crossroad, the remaining two parts of the play offer two different alternate scenarios, for each path that Adham could have taken. Although there were ultimately two differing options for Adham to choose from, the two parts weave together an interconnected story that exemplifies the overarching experience Adham and Abir have: either way they choose, they are Palestinians affected by war and a refugee crisis.

The Vagrant Trilogy was first produced as part of the 2018 Voices From a Changing Middle East Festival. The Vagrant Trilogy was previously staged at the Mosaic Theater Company in Washington, D.C. in 2018, and was met with rave reviews. The full production was originally slated to open in New York the spring of 2020. With The Vagrant Trilogy now premiering at The Public Theater, playwright Mona Mansour represents The Public’s Emerging Writers Group as alumna.

Prior to The Vagrant Trilogy’s D.C. production, the three parts of the play had never before been performed together. Six actors play 19 roles across the story, spanning four decades and three generations. Mark Wing-Davey directs the production.

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About The Vagrant Trilogy:

Mona Mansour delves into the Palestinian struggle for home and identity in The Vagrant Trilogy, a single epic story told in three parts. In 1967, Adham, a Palestinian Wordsworth scholar, goes to London with his new wife to deliver a lecture. When war breaks out at home, he must decide in an instant what to do—a choice that will affect the rest of his life. The two parts that follow explore alternate realities based on that decision. Each part in the trilogy speaks to the others, together painting a rare and moving picture of Palestinian displacement and a refugee’s life of permanent impermanence. Featuring six actors in 19 different roles, Mansour’s drama spans four decades and three generations of a family uprooted by war and politics. The Vagrant Trilogy is a sweeping new epic about the poetry and pain of losing the place called home.

Mona Mansour
The Public Theater
Mark Wing-Davey
Reza Behjat
Sinan Refik Zafar
Allen Moyer
Dina El-Aziz
Cast list:
Bassam Abdelfattah (as Adham/Jul Understudy), Tala Ashe (as Abir and Others), Caitlin Nasema Cassidy (as Abir/Jamila Understudy), Ramsey Faragallah (as Ghassan and Others), Osh Ghanimah (as Hamzi and Others), Nadine Malouf (as Jamila and Others), Rudy Roushdi (as Jul and Others), and Hadi Tabbal (as Adham)
Other info:
Video Design by Greg Emetaz
The Vagrant Trilogy Performance Dates & Times
Previews from: 
April 8, 2022
Opening date: 
April 25, 2022
Booking to: 
May 15, 2022
May 15, 2022
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