Perfect Crime

Perfect Crime

Warren Manzi's record-breaking play has been a reliable presence on the New York theatre scene for more than 30 years. After moving between six theatres in its early years, the show settled at The Theater Center, where it continues to thrill murder mystery fans — and still features the same actress that played the lead role on opening night. Get Perfect Crime tickets now.

The perfect show for Law & Order and CSI fans, Perfect Crime is a play about a psychiatrist, Margarent Brent, who seems to have killed her rich husband (until he shows up very much alive). Figuring out who really did it gets complicated when the detective who is trying to solve the supposed murder falls in love with the primary suspect, not to mention the presence of the psychiatrist's charming but crazy patient who seems to have killed a few people himself. There are Agatha Christie-like twists and turns in the plot of this funny, romantic thriller which keep people guessing until the final gunshot.

Perfect Crime is the longest-running play in New York, having played more than 12,000 performances to date. Its lead actress, Catherine Russell, has starred in every performance apart from four since its opening in 1987. In 2008, she set a Guinness World Record for playing the most performances of the same female role, hitting 8,820 in that year and only adding to the total since. Following the Covid-19 shutdown of theatres, Perfect Crime reopened in April 2021 and was considered to be the start of New York's theatrical bounceback. 

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Running time: 
2 hours (including intermission)
About Perfect Crime:

Warren Manzi's Perfect Crime is a sexy, funny and fast-paced thriller that makes for a great night of whodunit. The longest-running play in NYC history takes place in the home of a wealthy psychiatrist, Margaret Brent, who is accused of murdering her husband. The handsome detective thinks he has it all figured out, but her husband's murder is only the beginning in what may just be the perfect crime.

Warren Manzi
Armand Michael Hyatt
Jay Cail Stone
Cast list:
Catherine Russell, Patrick Ryan Sullivan, David Butler, Charles Geyer, Patrick Robustelli
Perfect Crime Performance Dates & Times
Previews from: 
April 18, 1987
Opening date: 
April 18, 1987
Available from: 
July 28, 2021
Booking to: 
June 5, 2022

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