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Alex Edelman: Just For Us

After an award-nominated premiere in Melbourne, Australia, and performances at the Cherry Lane Theatre and SoHo Playhouse, Alex Edelman's solo show Just For Us heads to the Greenwich House Theater for its second New York encore engagement. Alex Edelman: Just For Us tickets are available on New York Theatre Guide now.

Alex Edelman: Just For Us is a comedy show that begins like any other stand-up special: with Edelman telling assorted funny stories from his life. He discusses his brother AJ, who's an Olympian; a gorilla that knows sign language; and an unusual holiday season he had. But the main story of the show is as hilarious as it is harrowing. Edelman talks about how, after receiving anti-Semitic hate online from alt-right groups, he infiltrates a gathering of white nationalists in New York and confronts the trolls head-on.

Edelman premiered Just For Us in 2018 at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, where he earned a Barry Award nomination for Best Show. The comedy show then went on to run in the UK at London’s Soho Theater and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, earning a Herald Angel Award there after rave reviews. Just for Us comes on the heels of 2015's Everything Handed to You and 2014's Millennial, Edelman's other comedy shows.

Tickets to Alex Edelman: Just For Us are available now. Get Alex Edelman: Just For Us tickets on New York Theatre Guide now.

About Alex Edelman: Just For Us:

Edelman’s third solo show, Just For Us, takes the audience through hilarious anecdotes from his life — his Olympian brother AJ, an unconventional holiday season, and a gorilla that can do sign language — but at its center is an astonishing and frighteningly relevant story. After a string of anti-Semitic abuse is directed at Edelman online, he decides to covertly attend a gathering of White Nationalists in New York City and comes face to face with the alt-right abusers. The result is a hair-raising encounter that gives Just For Us its title and final, jaw-dropping twist.

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December 1, 2021
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December 8, 2021
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June 13, 2022
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August 26, 2022
August 26, 2022

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