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Take Root: Dance Performance Series
Take Root: Dance Performance Series Tickets

Take Root: Dance Performance Series Tickets

Long Island City
22 Sep 2023 - 1 Jun 2024

Take Root is a monthly dance performance that supports dance makers by providing an opportunity to present a paired evening of work. These performances explore all facets of dance and performing arts, from modern and contemporary dance to classical Indian dance and experimental theater art performances. If you are looking to expand your perspective on what dance and live performance can offer, Take Root is the best way to see diverse artists perform alongside each other.

9/22-23/23 - Hector Canonge and Catherine Cabeen
10/13-14/23 - Dr. Evilletown and Christy Funsch/Funsch Dance
11/17-18/23 - Darvejon Jones and Fadi J Khoury- FJK Dance Company
12/8-9/23 - Marie Lloyd Paspe & Almasphere
1/19-20/24 - Cori Kresge and Stephanie Saywell
2/9-10/24 - Siren Protectors of the Rainforest and Jeeno Joseph Nadanam
3/8-9/24 - Brendan McCall and Althea Dance Company
4/12-13/24 - David Appel and Mar Undag & Elliott Keller
5/10-11/24 - Tina Croll + Company and Ani Javian + Benjamin Roach
5/31-6/1/24 - Thomas Ford + Steven Atwater & Laura Neese | Dance Projects

Opening date

September 22nd, 2023

Closing date

June 1st, 2024


Green Space