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Afrique en Cirque
Afrique en Cirque Tickets

Afrique en Cirque Tickets

4 Feb 2024 - 4 Feb 2024

Afrique en Cirque is a show by Yamoussa Bangoura, inspired by daily life in Guinea. This performance shares the beauty, youth and artistry of African culture. A colorful show beyond its scenery, costumes and staging, it makes any theatre vibrate with energy and represents the strength, agility and life's joys of young Africans. The audience will see acrobats execute gravity-defying moves and human pyramids, accompanied by the contemporary sounds of live Afro-Jazz, percussion, and kora. Welcome to the universe of Kalabanté Productions, and prepare for an unforgettable journey.

Opening date

February 4th, 2024

Closing date

February 4th, 2024


Music Event


Lehman Center


Tickets for children age 12 or younger may be purchased through the box office for $10.