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Stomp Tickets
Stomp: What to expect - 1
Stomp: What to expect - 2
Stomp: What to expect - 3
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Stomp: What to expect - 1
Stomp: What to expect - 2
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Stomp: What to expect - 3
Stomp Tickets

About Stomp

Stomp has been bringing the rhythms of New York to the Orpheum Theatre since 1994. Tickets to Stomp in New York are on sale now. Get Stomp tickets on New York Theatre Guide now.

Stomp is a show entirely consisting of music, though it's not a traditional musical. There is no speaking or singing in Stomp off Broadway — only live music and movement. And rather than standard instruments, the performers in Stomp use everyday objects — trash cans, newspapers, sandbags, broomsticks, and more — to create catchy, crisp beats to dance to. You might even find yourself grooving along in your seat, and you'll never see ordinary household items the same way after discovering their musical potential.

Though locals know it as a New York staple, Stomp is British in origin. Steve McNicholas and Luke Cresswell developed Stomp out of street performances in Brighton, England and short comedy musicals performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The first full-fledged Stomp show as we know it premiered in 1991 in London. A few short years later, Stomp won Obie and Drama Desk Awards for Unique Theatrical Experience upon its New York premiere in 1994, and the show has since toured and held performances across the globe.

More recently, Stomp was one of the first productions to reopen with full capacity in New York, following Springsteen on Broadway, after the pandemic shuttered theatres in 2020. Off-Broadway's long-running entertainment spectacle Stomp continues to celebrate the art of street theatre and provide a high-energy spectacle for all ages.

Feel the pulsating rhythm of New York City and get tickets Stomp in New York now.

(Photos by Steve McNicholas)

Run time

1hr 45min, no intermission

Start date

February 18th, 1994

End date

January 8th, 2023




Stomp: What to expect - 1
Stomp: What to expect - 2
Stomp: What to expect - 3
Stomp: What to expect - 4
Stomp: What to expect - 5


Audiences Say
Entertaining, Clever, Delightful, Great staging, Absorbing

1K+ reviews on Show-Score

Adam G123
Original, Must see, Masterful
98 / 100
Dan Q
Entertaining, Original, Quirky, Refreshing, Riveting
85 / 100
Brandon S
Clever, Dated, Entertaining, Fun
80 / 100
Clever, Delightful, Entertaining, Original, Great dancing
87 / 100
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Stomp cast and creative team

By: Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas
Director: Lucas Cresswell and Steve McNicholas
Producer: Yes/No Productions
Lighting: Steve McNicholas and Neil Tiplady


126 Second Avenue, New York, NY, United States, 10003

More information about Stomp

Stomp is a high-energy, percussive symphony, coupled with dance, played entirely on non-traditional instruments, such as garbage can lids, buckets, brooms and sticks.


Unfortunately, tickets for this event are no longer available.

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