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Daphne Tickets

Daphne Tickets

New York
7 Oct 2023 - 19 Nov 2023
Question reality and see a strange transformation unfold at this thrilling play.

Daphne Information

Lincoln Center Theater's LCT3 program presents the world premiere of Daphne, the Off-Broadway debut play of Renae Simone Jarrett. Get Daphne tickets on New York Theatre Guide.

The title character of the Daphne play left the city to live in the woods with her girlfriend, Winona, which isn't going as well as she hoped. When she's finally forced to confront that fact — even as she begins to question the rest of her reality as the days go by — Daphne's body undergoes a bizarre transformation.

Jarrett uses surreal, unnatural elements to explore very real, human themes like toxic relationships and the difficult choice between telling oneself comforting lies and the harsh truth. She received her playwriting MFA in from the University of Texas at Austin in 2021 and is an alumna of the Clubbed Thumb Early Career Writers’ Group.

Sarah Hughes, a director who specializes in new and experimental work, stages Daphne off Broadway. She's a former member of award-winning theatre company Elevator Repair Service, and besides staging new plays, she also founded the Kitchen Sink Residency program at Theatre Row to support the creation and development of new works. Next, she's set to direct A Woman Among Women by Julia May Jonas, who was represented at LCT3 in 2022 with Your Own Personal Exegesis.

LCT3 is an initiative of Lincoln Center Theater that presents new plays by emerging writers. All LCT3 productions go up in the company's Claire Tow Theater, which shares a building with LCT's Vivian Beaumont Theater on Broadway and Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater off Broadway.

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Run time

1 hour and 30 minutes

Opening date

October 7th, 2023

Closing date

November 19th, 2023



Cast and creative

By: Renae Simone Jarrett
Director: Sarah Hughes
Producer: Lincoln Center Theater
Cast list: Jasmine Batchelor (as Daphne), Keilly McQuail (as Winona), Denise Burse, Naomi Lorrain, Jeena Yi
Design: Maruti Evans
Costumes: Oana Botez
Lighting: Stacey Derosier
Sound: Sadah Espii Proctor

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