Prima Facie on Broadway Tickets
Prima Facie on Broadway: What to expect - 1
Prima Facie on Broadway: What to expect - 2
Prima Facie on Broadway: What to expect - 3
Prima Facie on Broadway: What to expect - 4
Prima Facie on Broadway: What to expect - 5
New York, NY

Prima Facie on Broadway Tickets

Watch Emmy winner Jodie Comer take the stand in this award-winning drama.
Prima Facie on Broadway: What to expect - 1
Prima Facie on Broadway: What to expect - 2
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Prima Facie on Broadway: What to expect - 3
Prima Facie on Broadway Tickets

About Prima Facie on Broadway

After a sold-out engagement in London's West End, Suzie Miller's Prima Facie is on Broadway, starring Emmy winner and 2023 Tony Award winner Jodie Comer. Get Prima Facie tickets on New York Theatre Guide and see the four-time Tony-nominated tour-de-force.

What is the Prima Facie play about?

The Prima Facie play centers on the barrister Tessa. (In the U.K. and other regions, a barrister is a type of lawyer who is qualified to advocate for a client in court, rather than just provide legal counsel.) She is a young woman from a working-class background who now at the top of her field. She's on a case-winning streak, and she loves the thrill of victory, of finding the weakness in her opposition and skillfully exploiting it. While she deeply respects the legal system, as a defense attorney, she also knows her job is to support her client, even if that means defending a position that's untrue.

Tessa has a reckoning with her mission, however, when she herself is a victim of sexual assault. Suddenly, she's seeing her profession from the other side — and recognizes the many aspects of her story her assailant's defense lawyer, were they anything like her, could and would use against her, and the toll that takes on a person seeking justice. The audience sees Tessa decide, amid trauma, how much she's willing to compromise the absolute "burden of proof" she's hinged her career on to fight for what she knows to be true, or vice versa. Prima Facie, which means "at first glance" in Latin, is a story about one woman confronting the stark divide between the lived experience of many women and the patriarchal legal system they face.

Before the premiere of Prima Facie on Broadway, the show debuted in London's West End to critical acclaim. A Prima Facie review on London Theatre reads, "Suzie Miller’s one-woman show Prima Facie... embodies an urgent real-life issue, this time an indefensibly broken legal system, and, in an astonishing tour-de-force performance, Comer commits, body and soul, to laying bare the human cost... Throughout this 100-minute piece, even in its weaker moments, Comer is absolutely riveting. She uses her shape-shifting talents to great effect, sketching in numerous other characters – from her posh colleagues to her abrasive mum and combative brother. She also gives Tessa a vivid emotional journey."

Director Justin Martin makes his Broadway directing debut with Prima Facie in New York. He previously associate directed Skylight, The Audience, and the Tony Award-winning Best Play The Inheritance on Broadway.

Who is Jodie Comer?

Comer is best known for her role as Villanelle in the TV show Killing Eve, which earned her an Emmy Award, a BAFTA Award, and two Golden Globe nominations. She has also appeared in movies like Free Guy and The Last Duel.

Prima Facie marked Comer's and Miller's West End debuts, and now marks their Broadway debuts as well.

Tickets to Prima Facie on Broadway are available now.

Please note that Prima Facie contains discussions of sexual violence.

Run time

1hr 40min (no intermission)

Start date

April 11th, 2023

End date

July 2nd, 2023


Prima Facie on Broadway: What to expect - 1
Prima Facie on Broadway: What to expect - 2
Prima Facie on Broadway: What to expect - 3
Prima Facie on Broadway: What to expect - 4
Prima Facie on Broadway: What to expect - 5

368 Reviews



114 Reviews | 73 Followers
Something has to change

See it if You don't want to miss Jodie Comer's tour de force performance. It's a must see.

Don’t see it if You don't like legal dramas or shows about sexual assault.

Elisa 9119

Elisa 9119

615 Reviews | 286 Followers
Thought-provoking, Relevant, Intelligent, Great staging, Great acting

See it if Jodie Comer is heart-breaking,funny&bold in this urgent drama abt sexual assault w/in a faulty legal system in need of change. (MORE)*

Don’t see it if Jodie is a very fast talker-yet a captivating one- You may get offended by some details of sexual assault, esp. if the issue hits home.

Phil 9070

Phil 9070

414 Reviews | 96 Followers
Profound, Must see, Intelligent, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if Outstanding performance by Jodie Comer portraying a barister who defends men accused of sexual assault until it happens to her.

Don’t see it if Jodie delivers her lines in rapid fire succession. Hard to imagine doing this twice in one day. Difficult subject matter not for everyone.

Wish I Could See Them All

Wish I Could See Them All

803 Reviews | 253 Followers
Riveting, Masterful, Pleading, Visceral, Relevant

See it if JC is powerful as (1) insensitive lawyer; (2) victim; and (3) advocate. Part 2, the assault and aftermath, is beyond compelling.

Don’t see it if You don’t want to experience the trauma, enhanced by great staging. (1) is a long exposition. (3) gets preachy. She talks fast.

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Our Review

'Prima Facie' review — Jodie Comer makes a riveting Broadway debut in this legal drama

4 of 5
24 Apr 2023, 02:00
Read our four-star review of Suzie Miller's Prima Facie on Broadway, which stars Emmy Award winner Jodie Comer, at the Golden Theatre through July 2.

Stars on stage

Prima Facie on Broadway cast and creative team

By: Suzie Miller
Director: Justin Martin
Cast list: Jodie Comer (as Tessa)
Design: Miriam Buether
Costumes: Miriam Buether
Lighting: Natasha Chivers
Sound: Ben and Max Ringham
Other info: Original music by Rebecca Lucy Taylor


252 West 45th Street (between Broadway and 8th Avenue), New York, NY, USA, 10036


Accommodations for patrons who are blind, deaf, partially sighted, and/or have hearing loss; partial wheelchair access

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