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Rooftop Movies
Rooftop Movies Tickets

Rooftop Movies Tickets

New York
The Green Room 42 @ YOTEL
1 Apr 2021 -
Your favorite movies outside, all summer long.

Join us for our Rooftop Movies Series across the hall on our outdoor terrace, Social Drink & food. Sit back, relax, put on your headphones, grab a drink, and enjoy classic, new, and innovative Movies from across the decades.

In the event of rain, patrons will be notified the morning of for cancellation.

Headphones are provided.

Movie Schedule
8/6/2023 Cabaret
8/7/2023 When Harry Met Sally
8/10/2023 Ghostbusters
8/11/2023 Knives Out
8/12/2023 You've Got Mail
8/13/2023 Moana
8/14/2023 Mamma Mia!
8/17/2023 Mean Girls
8/19/2023 The Shining
8/20/2023 School of Rock
8/21/2023 The Wizard of Oz
8/24/2023 Bridesmaids
8/25/2023 A Nightmare on Elm Street
8/26/2023 Dirty Dancing
8/27/2023 Birds of Prey
8/28/2023 Pirates of the Caribbean
8/31/2023 The Parent Trap
9/1/2023 Encanto
9/2/2023 The Lion King
9/3/2023 Enchanted
9/4/2023 Mama Mia!
9/8/2023 Get Out
9/10/2023 Mean Girls
9/11/2023 Sweeney Todd
9/15/2023 Psycho
9/16/2023 When Harry Met Sally
9/17/2023 Little Shop of Horrors - R
9/22/2023 Dirty Dancing
9/23/2023 The Silence of the Lambs - R
9/24/2023 Bridesmaids
9/25/2023 Ferris Bueller's Day Off
9/28/2023 Sleepless in Seattle
9/29/2023 Sister Act!
9/30/2023 Mean Girls

Opening date

April 1st, 2021




The Green Room 42 @ YOTEL


All respectful, non-disruptive, theatre-going audiences are welcome, regardless of age.