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Updated 25 Jul 2016
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An Act of God

  • An Act of God: We take a closer look at the Broadway comedy, starring Sean Hayes, currently playing at the Booth Theatre.

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Motown The Musical Motown The Musical (Broadway) Four Stars
It’s some of the best popular music ever written and it’s presented incredibly well here. You’d have to be a curmudgeon of the highest order not to enjoy this show (NYTG) more
Privacy Privacy (Off-Broadway) Four Stars
The twists and turns of this production – and the cast is superb in every way – catch us off guard and profoundly shift our perception of our relationships to all the electronics... (NYTG) more
New York Spectacular New York Spectacular (Radio City) Four Stars
This summer the heart of Manhattan is pulsating with its latest show – a 90-minute brazen, unapologetic and big-budgeted love letter to its own city (NYTG) more

01 Sep 2016  Holiday Inn
15 Sep 2016  The Cherry Orchard
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20 Sep 2016  The Front Page
20 Sep 2016  Heisenberg  
23 Sep 2016  Oh, Hello on Broadway  
The Book of Mormon - 102% Capacity
Hamilton - 101% Capacity
Waitress - 100% Capacity
Shuffle Along - 99% Capacity
The Humans - 99% Capacity
The Lion King - 98% Capacity
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The 70th Annual Tony Awards
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