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Arguably the most acclaimed piece of theatre from the hand of esteemed playwright Eugene O'Neill, The Iceman Cometh once again to the Broadway stage. The central character of Hickey is a dream role for many an accomplished actor and now the honor falls to Tony and two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington...

But The Iceman Cometh cannot be simply written off as a star vehicle. And although Mr. Washington's name is above the title - and he is indeed giving a career-defining performance - the beauty of this dark play is the fact that it is an ensemble piece. And what an ensemble acclaimed director George C. Wolfe has put together! Over the course of four hours, we learn to love this bunch of misfits like members of a dysfunctional family. We feel their anxieties, we sense their helplessness, we revel in their contagious joy and are crushed in their lowest moments. With standout performances from the likes of David Morse, Austin Butler, and Tammy Blanchard, just to name a few, and comic relief a plenty from the perfectly cast pairings of Dakin Matthews and Frank Wood or Carolyn Braver and Nina Grollman, Mr. Washington is in great company.

Clocking in at around four hours, The Iceman Cometh requires audience members to invest time and patience, but the final act return on investment is climactic to say the very least. Cometh and experience it for yourselves.

(Photos by Julieta Cervantes)

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Running time: 
3hrs 50 mins (including 2 intermissions)
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About The Iceman Cometh:

Tony and two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington returns to Broadway in Eugene O'Neill's classic The Iceman Cometh. The play follows Hickey, a troubled alcoholic who takes it upon himself to dissuade fellow drinkers in a NYC bar to give up their pipe dreams and face the harsh realities of life, uncovering the secrets of his own past in the process.

Eugene O'Neill
Scott Rudin
George C. Wolfe
Jules Fisher & Peggy Eisenhauer
Santo Loquasto
Ann Roth
Cast list:
Denzel Washington (as Hickey), Colm Meaney (as Harry Hope), David Morse (as Larry Slade), Bill Irwin (as Ed Mosher), Tammy Blanchard (as Cora), Carolyn Braver (as Pearl), Austin Butler (as Don Parrit), Joe Forbrich (as Lieb), Nina Grollman (as Margie), Thomas Michael Hammond (as Moran), Neal Huff (as Willie Oban), Danny Mastrogiorgio (as Chuck Morello), Dakin Matthews (as Piet Wetjoen), Jack McGee (as Pat McGloin), Clark Middleton (as Hugo Kalmar), Michael Potts (as Joe Mott), Reg Rogers (as James Cameron), and Frank Wood (as Cecil Lewis)
The Iceman Cometh Performance Dates & Times
Previews from: 
March 23, 2018
Opening date: 
April 26, 2018
July 1, 2018

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Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre

242 West 45th Street (between Broadway and 8th Avenue), New York, NY 10036
Nearest subway station:
42nd Street - Port Authority Bus Terminal Station

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