The Home Place

The Home Place

Irish Repertory Theatre presents the New York premiere of Brian Friel's 2005 drama The Home Place.

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Running time: 
1hr 45mins (no intermission)
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About The Home Place:

In the long, hot August of 1878, the widowed Christopher Gore, his son David, and their housekeeper Margaret, with whom they are both in love, reside at The Lodge, the Gore family home in Donegal. Christopher's cousin, Dr. Richard Gore, arrives with the intention of pursuing a Darwin-inspired scientific theory. By measuring the craniums of the indigenous Irish, he hopes to crack the genetic code of the indigenes, demonstrating their (inferior) place in the natural order. Set in the era of uncertainty at the dawn of The Home Rule movement which would begin to restore self-government to the Irish, The Home Place depicts the aftermath of Dr. Gore's 'experiment' as deep animosity is ignited among the suspicious villagers of Ballybeg.

Brian Friel
Irish Repertory Theatre
Charlotte Moore
Michael Gottlieb
Ryan Rumery and M. Florian Staab
James Noone
David Toser
Cast list:
Logan Riley Bruner (as Tommy Boyle), Andrea Lynn Green (as Sally Cavanagh), Johnny Hopkins (as Con Doherty), Robert Langdon Lloyd (as Clement O'Donnell), Ed Malone (as David Gore), Polly McKie (as Mary Sweeney), Rachel Pickup (as Margaret O'Donnell), Stephen Pilkington (as Perkins), Christopher Randolph (as Dr. Richard Gore), Gordon Tashjian (as Johnny MacLoone), and John Windsor-Cunningham (as Christopher Gore)
Other info:
Original Music by Ryan Rumery, Props by Sven Henry Nelson, and Dialect Coaching by Stephen Gabis
The Home Place Performance Dates & Times
Previews from: 
September 27, 2017
Opening date: 
October 8, 2017
December 17, 2017

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