Seven Sins

After its premiere was cut short in 2020, Company XIV's Seven Sins is back to tempt audiences with decadence and spectacle. Seven Sins tickets are available on New York Theatre Guide now.

Seven Sins is a show that takes you into the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. Company XIV transforms Théâtre XIV into a mythical, dreamlike landscape inspired by the seven deadly sins and the fall of man. Adam and Eve's paradise crumbles around them when they eat the forbidden apple, but Seven Sins doesn't end when temptation and sin enter. Rather, that's just the beginning. Temptation and hedonism are the lifeblood of this sexy spectacle, which includes a blend of circus, singing, and Baroque Burlesque dance performances that will bring out your inner sinner.

Company XIV specializes in variety shows for adults based on classic lore. The troupe's best-known holiday show, Nutcracker Rouge, is a sensual burlesque adaptation of the Nutcracker tale that has performed to acclaim each Christmas season since 2013. Like Nutcracker Rouge, the Seven Sins experience includes specialty themed cocktails and snacks based on the show — and what better show than one called Seven Sins to indulge? Plus, Company XIV's shows are performed on a traditional stage, but the actors don't stay on the stage. The acts can unfold on the stage, above the audience, in the aisles, or a combination of all three, immersing you in the sinfully captivating world of Seven Sins in New York.

Give in to temptation and get tickets to Seven Sins off Broadway now.

Tickets to Seven Sins are available now. Get your Seven Sins tickets on New York Theatre Guide today.

Running time: 
2 hours and 10 minutes, including two intermissions
Seven Sins Performance Dates & Times
Previews from: 
April 1, 2022
Opening date: 
April 7, 2022
August 28, 2022

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