Odd Man Out

Odd Man Out is an immersive experience that takes place in complete darkness. For 65 minutes, the audience experiences the world of the blind protagonist through his perspective. Odd Man Out tickets are available on New York Theatre Guide now.

Odd Man Out seems to be a play like any other. Alberto, the protagonist, lives a life that leads him from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to New York and beyond. He develops a great love of music along the way. He learns to play guitar as a boy and grows up to start and lead a successful band, and travel the world. His life isn't all rosy — when he visits a war-torn country, he finds himself experiencing loss, heartbreak, and despair of his own. But through all his ups and downs, the audience is invited to experience a different way of moving through the world than they may be used to, learning what a person can "see" without sight. Thus, Odd Man Out becomes not just a play, but an experience.

The experience is led by a team of technicians who challenge the audience to push their limits and imagination and awaken all their senses. The story is led by audio, available in English and Spanish, projected through a 360º binaural audio system, but Odd Man Out also incorporates smell, taste, and touch through sensory special effects.

Odd Man Out is written by Martín Bondone and directed by Bondone, Carlos Armesto, and Facundo Bogarín. In addition, 40% of the staff and creative team are blind or low-vision.

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Running time: 
65 minutes, no intermission
Martín Bondone
PITCHBLACK Immersive Experiences
Martín Bondone, Carlos Armesto, Facundo Bogarín
Nicolás Alvarez
Cast list:
Ignacio Borderes, Carmen Boria, Alejandra Buljevich, Carla Costabile, Modesto Lacen, Andrés Montejo, Victoria Raigorodsky, Aksel Tang, Gonzalo Trigueros
Other info:
Original music, arrangements, and music direction by Mirko Mescia
Odd Man Out Performance Dates & Times
Previews from: 
November 3, 2021
Opening date: 
November 9, 2021
Available from: 
January 18, 2022
Booking to: 
February 18, 2022
February 18, 2022

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