The New York premiere of MsTrial, written by lawyer-turned-playwright Dep Kirkland and directed by Rick Andosca, plays Stage 5 within the New World Stages complex.

The drama debuted in 2002 at the Court Theatre in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, long before the #MeToo movement began to dominate global headlines. Seventeen years later, the play's themes are even more gripping and more relevant than ever.

(Photos by Jeremy Daniel)

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Running time: 
2hrs (including 1 intermission)
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About MsTrial:

John Paris is one of America's most infamous trial lawyers. When he brings in Karen Lukoff, the shining star of the local DA's office to assist in winning his newest high-profile case, John discovers that Karen is not only a gifted attorney - but also his equal match. After a wild alcohol-fueled victory celebration, their potent attraction slides down a slippery slope changing their lives forever. John and Karen now face an audience of their peers, who ultimately must decide for themselves how justice is served and render the final verdict. MsTrial is a raw tale that explores and exposes the murky waters in a fraught case of "he said, she said" and asks us, "Is justice truly blind?"

Dep Kirland
Maija Anttila
Rick Andosca
Mitchell Fenton
Bill Clarke
Mimi Maxmen
Cast list:
Janie Brookshire (as Cathryn Baker), Jeannine Kaspar (as Karen Lukoff), Dep Kirkland (as John Paris), Gayle Samuels (as Barbara Cooley), and Alan Trinca (as Dan Burks)
MsTrial Performance Dates & Times
Previews from: 
November 14, 2019
Opening date: 
December 4, 2019
February 2, 2020

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