Edward Albee’s At Home at the Zoo: Homelife & The Zoo Story

At Home at the Zoo: Homelife & The Zoo Story

In honor of acclaimed playwright Edward Albee, who passed away in 2016, Signature Theatre plans to present a new production - At Home at the Zoo - as part of its 2017-2018 Off-Broadway season. The production will couple together the plays Homelife and The Zoo Story, showcasing them together in two acts.

Performances are scheduled to take place on the Irene Diamond Stage at the Pershing Square Signature Center.

(Photos by Joan Marcus)

This show has now closed. See our list of theatre tickets for shows currently on sale.

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About At Home at the Zoo: Homelife & The Zoo Story:

In Act One, Homelife, we meet Peter and his wife, who live a comfortable but vaguely unhappy bourgeois existence; in the Second Act, the classic The Zoo Story, Peter is forever altered by an oddly persistent stranger in Central Park. With jolts of brutality and Albee’s signature dark humor, this seminal play explores both the love and the cruelty that we inflict on each other every day.

Edward Albee
Signature Theatre
Lila Neugebauer
Japhy Weideman
Bray Poor
Andrew Lieberman
Kaye Voyce
Cast list:
Katie Finneran (as Ann), Robert Sean Leonard (as Peter), and Paul Sparks (as Jerry)
Other info:
Fight Direction by UnkleDave’s Fight House
At Home at the Zoo: Homelife & The Zoo Story Performance Dates & Times
Previews from: 
January 30, 2018
Opening date: 
February 21, 2018
March 25, 2018

Performance schedules for all shows are subject to change.

Pershing Square Signature Center

480 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036
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Our At Home at the Zoo: Homelife & The Zoo Story Review

In 2001 Edward Albee wrote the drawing room one act play, Homelife, as an opening to The Zoo Story, his 1958 brutal one act classic. Seeing The Zoo Story on it's own you wonder why does Peter, an upper middle class publisher, husband and father, stay in the park and interact with Jerry, a disenfranchised, loner and boarding house occupant. Homelife supplies the answer.