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The Broadway premiere of Darknights and Daydreams (working title) is aiming to open in the 2022-2023 season. Darknights and Daydreams is a new play adapted by Michael Uslan from his inspiring memoir, The Boy Who Loved Batman.

Further details on Darknights and Daydreams on Broadway are to be announced.

Darknights and Daydreams tells the story of a boy who fought for his dreams to come true. Michael, a self-described comic book fanboy from a blue collar New Jersey family, did not dream of being a super-hero, but of saving his super-hero. A lifelong Batman fan who amassed a collection of 30,000 comic books by the time he was in high school, Michael viewed the 1960s TV series as a kitschy mockery of the "dark... serious... human" version of Batman; a version that had been personally described to 14 year-old Michael by Batman's co-creator, Bill Finger, at the 1965 ComiCon.

From that moment on, Michael was determined to restore that darkness to The Batman. He held tightly onto this dream when, against all odds, he pitched and convinced Hollywood to make the first Batman film, which then took ten long years to be produced. The wild success of that film proved what Michael knew all along - the world needs super-heroes, both on screen and in real life. That first Batman movie ignited an Oscar-winning, record-shattering global pop culture phenomenon that thrives today, decades later. Michael's passion unlocked his own super-powers and he shares his "secret origin" in this Broadway show.


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By: Michael Uslan
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