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Too Much, Too Much, Too Many

Three Stars

Photo by Joan Marcus
Luke Kirby (Pastor Hidge) and Phyllis Somerville (Rose)
Luke Kirby (Pastor Hidge) and
Phyllis Somerville (Rose)
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"A subdued but affecting new play. ... Despite its effusive title, Ms. Kennedy’s play maintains such a soft, steady tone that even at 75 minutes it feels underpowered."
Charles Isherwood for New York Times

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New York Times

Production Details
Venue: The Black Box Theatre
Genre: Drama
Previewed: 25 Oct 2013
Opened: 20 Nov 2013
Closed: 05 Jan 2014
Playwright: Meghan Kennedy
Director: Sheryl Kaller
Opening Cast: Rebecca Henderson (Emma), Luke Kirby (Pastor Hidge), James Rebhorn (James) and Phyllis Somerville (Rose).
Synopsis: Following the death of her husband, Rose locks herself in her bedroom for the better part of a year, leaving her daughter Emma to care for her through the closed door. When the church sends a pastor to help coax Rose out of her room, he soon finds that Rose is not the only one using barriers to hide her true feelings.


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