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Reviews - Musicals

Aladdin Four Stars
The most vibrantly colourful of all Disney Theatrical's offerings to date (NYTG); Relentless razzle-dazzle (NY Times); Rollicking and endearingly over-the-top (NY Daily News); Doesn’t quite catch lightning in a bottle (NY Post); The show's ebullient comic spirit should make it a popular hit (Hollywood Reporter) more...

Avenue Q
Avenue Q (Off-Broadway)
We may all be wondering how the hell we got to this point in our lives and constantly questioning what our purpose is? But for now, I’m happy that a single evening’s purpose is well spent just to sit back, laugh and rejoice at the marvel of this modern-day musical (NYTG) more...

Make(s) you feel good (NYTG); Friendly, formulaic bio-musical (NY Times); Only occasionally resurrects the bubbly verve and energy of those glorious songs (NY Post); If you go to "Beautiful" for the songs, you'll probably have a great time. Just don't expect anything more (Record) more...

The Book of Mormon
The Book of Mormon
Bowls you over (NYTG); Pleasure-giving musical (NY Times); Blissfully original, irreverent, outspoken and hilarious (NY Daily News); A hit (NY Post); Hysterically funny and tunefully irresistible (NY1) more...

A Bronx Tale
A Bronx Tale
This is a production that attempts to serve many masters (NYTG); It delivers reliable pleasures with polished professionalism and infectious energy (NY Times); Packs some tasty ear candy and fine performances, but it’s as conventional as it gets and could use a surprise or two (NY Daily News); Formulaic but entertaining crowd-pleaser (Hollywood Reporter) more...

Cagney (Off-Broadway)
There is definitely something to be said for a night of solid tap dancing and fast paced quasi-biographical musical comedy... director Bill Castellino keeps things flowing so quickly that it’s impossible not to get drawn into the fun (NYTG) more...

Cats Three Stars
Cats is pure spectacle... shimmering, leaping, booty shaking spectacle (NYTG); The overriding spirit of the revival appears to be the familiar motto: Don’t mess with success (NY Times); Lively yet enervating (NY Daily News); Quaint and unsubstantial (Associated Press) more...

All you need is a live band on stage, intoxicating the auditorium with that jazz-infused score from the genius that is John Kander and Fred Ebb and sprinkle it with that Bob Fosse-style choreography, and before you know it, you’ve razzle dazzled ‘em! (NYTG); Chicago still glitters hypnotically! It remains the best adult entertainment in town and still bubbles with the joy of performing! (NY Times); The spirit of Fosse's genius never leaves the stage (Variety) more...

Come From Away
Come From Away Four Stars
The cast is beautifully directed and choreographed... They are a marvel to watch (NYTG); Big bearhug of a musical (NY Times); A big-hearted and crowd-pleasing musical about compassion and community in the wake of 9/11 (NY Daily News); A modest, earnest, life-affirming musical (Variety) more...

Dear Evan Hansen
Dear Evan Hansen Five Stars
Required viewing (NYTG); The marvelous young actor Ben Platt is giving a performance that’s not likely to be bettered on Broadway this season... gorgeous heartbreaker of a musical (NY Times); The show's so satisyfing it deserves a thank you note (NY Daily News); Thrillingly modern and moving (Time Out); An incomparable performance that ranks among the finest in years (NY1) more...

Hamilton Five Stars
'Hamilton' is a magnificent tapestry where all the elements of theatre are called upon to be their very best (NYTG); 'Hamilton' makes us feel the unstoppable, urgent rhythm of a nation being born (NY Times); With 'Hamilton,' Broadway is officially the coolest place on the planet (NY Daily News); A phenomenon (NY Post) more...

In Transit
In Transit Three Stars
The voices are pleasant, the characters and their situations are highly familiar without being totally cliché, nothing overly depressing happens...Fifteen songs, 100 minutes and several supporting characters later, all is right with the world (NYTG); Much collaborative good will and effort have clearly been poured into 'In Transit' (NY Times); Glorious, pitch-perfect voices, set to Deke Sharon’s rich and expressive arrangements (Variety) more...

Joan of Arc: Into the Fire
Joan of Arc: Into the Fire (Off-Broadway)
David Byrne's Joan is heavy on rock music and light on story (NYTG); A blaze of monotony (NY Times); Plodding, reverent and dramatically inert, it suggests a Jesus Christ Superstar stripped of wit, ambivalence and social commentary (Time Out); A flashy display of eye-catching stage tricks from director Alex Timbers (Variety) more...

Kinky Boots
Kinky Boots Four Stars
You are smothered in a good time (NYTG); A shameless emotional button pusher (NY Times); A high time (NY Daily News); Likable but heavy-handed (NY Post); Relentlessly tedious (Record); Blissfully entertaining (NY1) more...

The Lion King
There is simply nothing else like it (NY Times); Julie Taymor's staging of Disney's The Lion King is a marvel, a theatrical achievement unrivaled in its beauty, brains and ingenuity (Variety) more...

Miss Saigon
Miss Saigon Three Stars
This eventful, sung-through production out of London, directed by Laurence Connor, feels about as affecting as a historical diorama, albeit a lavishly appointed one (NY Times); This is a most worthy revival, and now, minus the controversy, fans are free to re-live the thrill (NY1); This is brawny, crowd-pleasing entertainment (Hollywood Reporter); melodic songs, big, beautiful voices, a huge ensemble, full-scale pit orchestra, sumptuous production numbers, and the spectacle of lavish sets and special effects (Variety) more...

Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812
Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 Three Stars
This is a visual spectacle that you rarely see on Broadway. Without the spectacle, however, the story does not stand up (NYTG); Who would have guessed that Dave Malloy’s gorgeous pop opera would land on Broadway with all its signal virtues intact, and in some ways heightened? (NY Times); Bold and affecting and a welcome addition to the Great White Way (NY Daily News); A luscious, 360-degree immersive experience that feels like being smothered in velvet (Variety) more...

On Your Feet!
On Your Feet! Four Stars
The result is a perfect 10. Fun, tears, greats songs and dancing (NYTG); Half-formulaic, half-original and undeniably crowd-pleasing musical (NY Times); Predictable but entertaining (NY Daily News); A fine addition to the ranks of jukebox musicals (Associated Press); A solid crowdpleaser (Hollywood Reporter) more...

Paramour Three Stars
So take off your judgement glasses and have a good time... Is Paramour brilliant? Not quite. Did I have a great time – you betcha (NYTG); Simultaneously frenetic and tedious (NY Times); Sometimes overstuffed and awkward but always finds its footing when it highlights its soaring, rubber-bodied stars (Associated Press); A Broadway musical on steroids (Hollywood Reporter) more...

The Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera Five Stars
The Phantom of the Opera remains a stunning production that engages the ear, the eye and the heart (NYTG); A tour de force... as extravagant of imagination as of budget (NY Times); A spectacular entertainment (NY Daily News); A piece of impeccably crafted musical theatre (NY Post); Staged with brilliantly organized flair by Harold Prince (Variety) more...

School of Rock
School of Rock Five Stars
Fads in education may come and go, but School Of Rock ought to be in session for a long time to come (NYTG); Youth, it would seem, is rejuvenating (NY Times); 'School Of Rock' is a rock solid hit! (NY1); A double jolt of adrenaline and sugar (Time Out); Crowd-pleasing, upbeat musical...with a wondrously rebellious spirit and a superb cast (Associated Press) more...

Sunday in the Park with George
Sunday in the Park with George Five Stars
This Sunday In The Park With George is a jewel in its own right, radiant with talent, and shimmering with color and light (NYTG); Marvelous revival (NY Times); Jake Gyllenhaal’s got it, by George! A handsome, nimble singing voice to go with his solid acting chops, that is (NY Daily News); A superlative revival imbued with the sense of discovery of an exciting new work (Hollywood Reporter) more...

Sunset Boulevard Four Stars
A 40 piece on-stage orchestra giving glorious voice to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s score (NYTG); It is a show that exists almost entirely to let its star blaze to her heart’s content (NY Times); Glenn Close is ready for her close-up in “Sunset Boulevard” — and then some (NY Daily News); Glenn Close makes a triumphant return (Variety) more...

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Sweeney Todd (Off-Broadway) Four Stars
This production is magic. Pure and fine (NYTG); The Tooting Arts Club’s deftly, uh, executed stunt of a show, which originated in London, delivers on its ingenious, if limited, objective (NY Times); Intimate, inventive and as in-your-face as it gets (NY Daily News); This thrilling, overwhelming Sweeney is a full-course meal: hot from the oven and dripping blood (Time Out) more...

Waitress Three Stars
Waitress is a musical that will leave you fahklempt, because of Sarah Bareilles’ sublime music, but seriously unsatisfied with the decision to overstuff this story (NYTG); Agreeable if unexceptional (NY Times); From score to casting, book to staging, everything comes together with a deceiving ease (NY Post); A tasty slice of pie for those with a sweet tooth (Hollywood Reporter) more...

Impeccably oiled entertainment machine (NYTG); Lavish, ambitious and problematic (Associated Press); Satisfying (USA Today) more...

Reviews - Entertainment

Gazillion Bubble Show (Off-Broadway) Four Stars
Just another bit of clever entertainment for little ones, the kid in everyone suddenly emerges... Bring the whole family to see this delightful show (NYTG) more...

Georgie (Off-Broadway) Five Stars
It’s an over-used cliche to say a performer is brave, raw, fearless, but maybe we over-use these words because we want that experience so much. Dixon really delivers (NYTG) more...

Not That Jewish (Off-Broadway) Three Stars
“Not That Jewish” needs a good bit of trimming, and another hook to hang its hat on. As it stands now, she’s trying to force the narrative of her life into the framework of how she relates to her Judaism. I suspect that’s because of who’s paying the Piper (NYTG) more...

The Outer Space (Off-Broadway) Four Stars
Ethan Lipton’s songs are quirky delights. His rhymes are original and satisfying and his lyrics are joyful in their simple brilliance. Each time he sings, he employs a unique concept and executes it in a way that brings pleasure derived from experiencing truth and heart-felt wit (NYTG); Sly, grumpy and just delightful (NY Times) more...

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Reviews - Plays

All The Fine Boys All The Fine Boys
Two Stars
It’s not badly written, the characters are fully developed, there’s some humor, there’s some dramatic tension. But in the end, I just couldn’t see the point (NYTG); A not-quite-coming-of-age tale — part romantic comedy, part thriller, with a little bit of an indie-drama vibe (NY Times); There's a stinging authenticity to their awkward interactions that's alternately hilarious and horrifying (Time Out) more...

Bull in a China Shop Bull in a China Shop
Three Stars
While not a perfect play, it has several remarkable performances, two searing soliloquies, and some true dialogue (NYTG) more...

The Emperor Jones The Emperor Jones
Three Stars
It’s a play that every O’Neill fan should see, and one could do worse than choosing The Irish Rep’s current production that offers plenty of compelling visuals, and a mostly powerful performance by its lead. Come for the history and morality lessons, stay for the terrifying puppets (NYTG) more...

The Glass Menagerie The Glass Menagerie
Three Stars
Sally Field does a masterful job of trying to reconcile the irreconcilable, but in the end, we’re confused by the character and the play through no fault of hers (NYTG); Mr. Gold and his cast, led by an intrepid Sally Field, have dismantled a venerable classic, but darned if they can figure out how to put it back together again (NY Times); For all this production’s cerebral choices and cold, distancing design, the emotional impact is there: love, disgust, betrayal, shame and the longing for understanding (Time Out) more...

How to Transcend a Happy Marriage How to Transcend a Happy Marriage
Two Stars
The only character to whom we relate is the extraordinary Marisa Tomei who is given the tasks of narrating this tale. Her connection to us is revealed well into the play, but it is a welcomed light in a dark and dusty passageway (NYTG); The elements never quite coalesce into a single fluid stream of thought or story (NY Times); “What the hell just happened?” (Hollywood Reporter) more...

If I Forget If I Forget
Five Stars
The play flies by on the wings of lightning and thunder due to the smart, fast, clever, hilarious dialogue of Steven Levenson, the carefully choreographed staging of Daniel Sullivan and the amazing performances of this ensemble (NYTG); Passionate and provoking (NY Times); Whip-smart, bold and, finally, memorable (NY Daily News); This superbly acted play is engrossing from first minute to last (Hollywood Reporter) more...

The Light Years The Light Years
Two Stars
This is a well intentioned piece, but it is missing the "WHY" that is the required center of every story ever told... We leave the theatre filled with fascinating anecdotes. Our hunger for humanity, however, remains unsatisfied (NYTG); The Debate Society’s leisurely and copiously detailed contemplation of the quest for illumination (NY Times); It gives off ample luminosity, powered by whimsy and wonder (Time Out) more...

Linda Linda
Two Stars
As far as I can tell there is nothing redeeming about this story or the writing... Linda has one trajectory and it is downward all the way (NYTG); 'Linda,' directed with faltering intensity by Lynne Meadow, certainly doesn’t lack for gristly parts for actresses to chew and choke on (NY Times); Janie Dee delivers a mesmerizing star turn in this provocative if uneven British import (Hollywood Reporter) more...

On The Exhale On The Exhale
Five Stars
Where writer Martín Zimmerman and director Leigh Silverman guide the story has a depth and stunning resonance that reaches way beyond the internal place you use as a boundary line between you and the world out there (NYTG); Marin Ireland is a delicate conduit for raw emotions (NY Times); Ireland delivers a superbly restrained performance in this taut, powerful piece (Hollywood Reporter) more...

The Price The Price
Three Stars
Here is what we don’t anticipate – The Danny DeVito Show (NYTG); Sympathetically directed and ardently acted, there’s much to enjoy in this Roundabout Theater Company revival (NY Times); A compelling drama and one that's, uncharacteristically for Miller, loaded with humor (NY1); A superlative cast consisting of Mark Ruffalo, Tony Shalhoub, Jessica Hecht, and Danny DeVito, who make this revival a treasured experience (Variety) more...

Ring Twice For Miranda Ring Twice For Miranda
One Star
I can think of several reasons why Mr. Hruska would take a stab at this idea – the present political circumstances being one of them. What I do not understand is why or how this script was chosen for a full production. It lacks substance, and the story line has no pulse (NYTG) more...

Significant Other Significant Other
Four Stars
Gideon Glick knocks it out of the park (NYTG); Bubbly, teary comedy (NY Times); Hilarity comes from spry, occasionally crude one-liners showcased to the max by the fine cast as well as Trip Cullman’s deft direction (NY Daily News); In addition to the sharp, insightful writing, a big part of what prevents this delightful play from turning either trite or maudlin is the wonderful performance of Gideon Glick as Jordan (Hollywood Reporter) more...

Wakey, Wakey Wakey, Wakey
Two Stars
[Michael] Emerson is recognizable from his television work, and here he does not disappoint. Would that the material itself held up as well (NYTG); Glowingly dark, profoundly moving new play by Will Eno (NY Times); A quietly beautiful 75-minute piece (Time Out); A captivating, playful and deeply moving performance by Michael Emerson (Variety) more...

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