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Interview with Hamilton star Daveed Diggs


Daveed Diggs
Daveed Diggs

Daveed Diggs recently earned a Tony nomination for his Broadway debut in Lin-Manuel Miranda's smash hit musical Hamilton at the Richard Rodgers Theatre.

Daveed pulls double duty in the production as both Marquis De Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson, rapping with a French accent as well as becoming President of the United States eight times a week.

We caught up with Daveed to talk about his phenomenal year in Broadway's most sought after show...

Photo by Kathleen Campion
Daveed Diggs

Thomas Hayden Millward: Thomas Jeffersonís coming home! Congratulations, Daveed! Hamilton is, of course, sweeping the board this Awards Season. Do you feel like this has been a long time coming?

Daveed Diggs: Yeah I guess so. We kind of had a mini Awards Season last year when we were downtown at the Public Theater, so it feels a little bit like a continuation of that. And the thing about this show is that every week there is something going on, man. Thereís always some reason to celebrate at Hamilton. And if there isnít one, weíll make one up because we really like partying!

THM: So what have been your highlights over the past year? What are the first things that spring to mind?

DD: Wow! There are so many! Performing at the White House was incredible. The student matinees have been incredible. The private party we got, which Prince threw for us, was incredible. That was a month before we lost him, so in hindsight, it has become even more incredible. But even at the time, it was a totally magical thing. Thereís just been too many memories to count really at this point. Every time we all get to hang out together for whatever reason, it is special because itís a really special group of people.

Photo by Joan Marcus
Daveed Diggs and the Cast of Hamilton
Daveed Diggs and the Cast of Hamilton
More Production Photos

THM: Thereís no denying Hamilton is the ultimate Broadway juggernaut at the moment, but a West End transfer has already been announced for next year. How do you think British audiences will respond to this very American musical?

DD: Ooh I donít know. I hope they will all love it! (Laughs) But to be honest, I have no idea. I have spoken to some British audience members who have seen the show here in New York and they all seem to be big fans of it. It is American and itís definitely our side of the story. From a British point of view, we only get King Georgeís side of the story.

THM: And heís actually my favourite character in the musicalÖ present company excluded, of course.

DD: Well, thatís a good choice to have! (Laughs)

THM: Iím sure he will go down very well over in London. Jonathan Groff already made a little on-screen appearance as King George at this yearís Olivier Awards to introduce the cast of ĎIn The Heights,í which was warmly received.

DD: Amazing!

Photo by Joan Marcus
Daveed Diggs in Hamilton
Daveed Diggs in Hamilton
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THM: And back here in New York, how does one get oneís hands on a ticket to Hamilton?

DD: Well you canít even get them through me anymore. I canít even get my Momma into the show right now! (Laughs) I think the best way is to wait until next year and fly over and see it in London. No, thereís a cancellation line and thereís a lottery. And I swear that lottery is my favourite thing in the world. That whole front row are the people who paid $10 for their tickets and are the most excited to be there. And I donít see very well, so those are actually the only people I can see when Iím on stage and we always have a good time.

THM: Well, just so you know Ė apparently the seats behind that front row are normally full in that theatre too, so donít you worry!

DD: Thatís what they tell me! (Laughs)

Photo by Kathleen Campion
Daveed Diggs

Hamilton is booking through to 29 January 2017 at Broadway's Richard Rodgers Theatre. Click HERE to check for cancellations!

- by Thomas Hayden Millward

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