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Overview of New York Theatre

Generally, New York theatres are divided into Broadway, Off Broadway, and Off Off Broadway.

Determining what is Broadway and Off Broadway is not straightforward with no 'official' guidelines as such. However, we have noted below the general rules.

Generally, a theatre is classed as a Broadway Theatre if it is geographically between 41st street and 54th Street and between Sixth and Eighth Ave, and has a minimum of 499 seats.(Note, there are exceptions!!). Broadway Theatres are also mainly commercial theatres.

Generally, a theatre is classed as Off Broadway if it has less than 499 seats and more than 99 seats and/or is outside the geographical Broadway area. An Off Off Broadway theatre generally has less than 100 seats. Most Off Broadway theatres are also non-profit.

For the purpose of our listings on this site all shows that are not classed as Broadway, are listed as Off Broadway.

**Note This is only a simple guidence. There are many exceptions and many other theatre folk/organisations may disagree !!

New York Theatre Trivia
Most theatres are closed on Monday, with most open Tuesday - Sunday.

Most theatres open normally on National Holidays, except Thanksgiving Day, when most theatres are closed.

Dress Code: It does not matter what you wear at the theatre nowadays. You will not look out of place whether you wear a Suit and Tie, or Jeans and a T-shirt.

See FAQ for more trivia!


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